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Now Available! Play to Learn

Facilitation Skills
Experts Sharon Boller and Karl Kapp help you bridge the gap between instructional design and game design, because when trainers use games, learners win big!

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Career Management TD at Work Collection

How can you keep your career on track and market your skills set to employers and clients? This Career Management TD at Work Collection will provide tips.

Member Price: $29.95$10.00
List Price: $39.95$10.00

ATD Talent Management Handbook

What you need to know to manage a workforce. The complex and ever-changing nature of today’s—and tomorrow’s—workforce demands that all involved in talent management rethink how to attract, engage, and grow future talent. This forward-looking handbook captures talent management’s evolution from a series of transactions to a fluid process that includes talent development.

Member Price: $69.95$40.00
List Price: $89.95$40.00

Measuring and Addressing Talent Gaps Globally

A global corporate mindset has become increasingly critical in today’s business environment. Yet managers and workers who have little or no exposure to other cultures may have a difficult time acknowledging that a talent development strategy with a global perspective is essential to their success. When considering global talent gaps, it becomes imperative that an organization employ objective, universal methods to measure and address those gaps.

Member Price: $14.95$5.00
List Price: $19.95$5.00

Enabling Success Through Learning and Knowledge Sharing

The demand for knowledge is increasing every day, as is the sheer volume of knowledge that is available to an organization and its team members. At the same time, organizations are facing the retirement of significant numbers of their knowledge workers. These realities are making it critical to reduce time to competency. To bring team members up to speed quickly and help them work independently, the learning and knowledge teams must work together effectively.

Member Price: $14.95$5.00
List Price: $19.95$5.00

Leaders Don't Command

Managers are currently faced with the most uncertain environment in history. How can we lead our teams to create and seize opportunities? How do we navigate through the fog in our brains and the overworked staff sitting in front of us? Leaders Don't Command, originally published in Spanish as Mejor liderar que mandar, draws from author Jorge Cuervo’s vast experience as an executive, trainer, and coach to help each of us to bring out the best of ourselves in leadership, management, and supervisory roles.

Member Price: $14.95$10.00
List Price: $16.95$10.00

Connection Culture

Organizations thrive when employees feel valued, the environment is energized, and high productivity and innovation are the norm. This requires a new kind of leader who fosters a culture of connection within the organization. Michael Lee Stallard’s Connection Culture provides a fresh way of thinking about leadership and offers recommendations for how to tap into the power of human connection.

Member Price: $19.95$10.00
List Price: $24.95$10.00

ATD Research: MOOCs

MOOCs: Expanding the Scope of Organizational Learning is an ATD and the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) research report that explores some of the most compelling questions about MOOCs and the promise (and challenges) they hold for organizational learning functions. ATD and i4cp’s survey of learning professionals found that 22 percent are currently using MOOCs in learning and development efforts. MOOCs are collaborative online courses open to anyone wishing to participate at no cost (although a fee may be required in order to earn credit). Corporate MOOCs use the open, online, collaborative approach within organizations.

Member Price: $199.00$50.00
List Price: $499.00$50.00

ASTD Research: Developing Sales Managers

Developing Sales Managers: Activating Sales Performance Through Learninginvestigates whether sales managers are sufficiently equipped to handle their responsibilities, which include managing and developing sales representatives and meeting unit productivity goals. It also looks at the lack of availability of training programs directed specifically at incoming sales managers, and the content of new sales manager training programs in the organizations where it does exist.

Member Price: $199.00$50.00
List Price: $499.00$50.00

Using Prototyping in Instructional Design

Storyboarding and prototyping are key parts of the instructional design process that should not be skipped. Starting the overall design process with a storyboard provides a high-level outline of the intended outcomes of the module, and is an effective way to gather ideas in a graphical format before moving on the physical prototype. Interface prototyping then allows instructional designers to map out the navigation of a training module and garner feedback from stakeholders and users early in the design process.

Member Price: $14.95$5.00
List Price: $19.95$5.00

The Learner-Centered Classroom

Learner-centered instruction helps build dynamic classrooms in which the student takes ownership of the content and determines ways that it may be useful to him. Such instruction also encourages the student to build the relationships that will allow learning to endure beyond the training event.

Member Price: $14.95$5.00
List Price: $19.95$5.00

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