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New Book: Own Any Occasion Is Now Available!

Own Any Occasion

Own Any Occasion simplifies the process of extraordinary speaking, showing you how to craft the perfect message and captivate your audience.

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2007 State of the Industry Report

ASTD's annual review of trends in workplace learning and performance finds many learning investments[PDF download]

Member Price: $0.00
List Price: $149.00

WLP Scorecard: Why Learning Matters

Navigate ASTD's powerful online tool that links programs to organization-wide initiatives to evaluate success and prove their business value.

Member Price: $69.95
List Price: $79.95

Identify Core Competencies for Job Success

This Infoline will teach you how to identify and use employee competencies and tasks to create better job descriptions.

Member Price: $14.95
List Price: $19.95

Developing Job Specific Learning Programs

This Infoline presents a simple approach that shows you how to organize your employee learning curriculums around competencies.

Member Price: $14.95
List Price: $19.95

Enhance the Transfer of Training

This Infoline presents eight enhancements to improve your current organization's impact on permanent and measurable results in performance.

Member Price: $14.95
List Price: $19.95

Build Credibility for the Training Function

This Infoline helps you improve the credibility and perceived value of training within an organization.

Member Price: $14.95
List Price: $19.95

The Connect Effect: Building Strong Personal, Professional, and Virtual Networks

Offers a systematic approach to developing your networking skillsincluding an NQ test to help you quantify your networking ability.

Member Price: $20.95
List Price: $22.95

Succession Planning Basics

An explanation of the trainer's role in implementing strategic succession planning tactics to ensure the future prosperity of your organization.

Member Price: $24.95
List Price: $29.95

10 Steps To Be A Successful Manager: The Facilitator's Guide

A companion to 10 Steps to Be a Successful Manager that presents a framework for developing and enhancing management skills to develop great leaders.

Member Price: $24.95
List Price: $29.95

10 Steps To Be A Successful Manager

Become an exceptional manager; learn to motivate employees, communicate expectations effectively, and build great work teams.

Member Price: $17.95
List Price: $19.95

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