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ATD serves Asia Pacific's talent development community together with our partners and supporters.
  • ATD organizes multiple conferences in the Asia Pacific region. Please visit the official conference website to understand more.

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    ATD Certification testing center is available in the region. Please visit ATD Certification Institute website to understand more.

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    ATD offers several public education courses in the China. To participant and understand more about the programs, please visit ATD China website.

Strategic Partners and Member Networks
  • ATD works with organizations to bring contents and services to different regions. ATD currently works with 9 strategic partners and 1 member network in the Asia Pacific region.

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    51JOB (Nasdaq: JOBS) is a leading human resource solutions provider in China, offering a broad array of services in the areas of Recruitment Solutions, Training & Assessment, and HR Outsourcing & Consulting services.

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    The China Post Group Corporation Training Center

    The China Post Group Corporation Training Center and Shijiazhuang Post and Telecommunications Professional Technology Academy was established in 1956. It is the education center for the China Post Group Corporation, as well as its distance education training center, information backup center, and postal technology service support foundation.

  • int-partner-hroot-sm

    HRoot is the largest human resource media company in China, with such brands and services as, a world’s leading HR management website. HRoot also owns Apps with the largest number of both downloads and users, the Human Capital Management magazine and “Human Resource Service Providers Dictionary”.

  • int-partner-tm-sm
    Jiangsu Training Magazine

    Training Magazine is the first journal for corporate training and development in China. It is managed and hosted by Xinhua Daily Media Group. It has published more than 120,000 magazines, with more than 220 thousand readers. Focusing on corporate training and talent development, Training Magazine targets HR, training managers, and executives as its core readers.

  • int-partner-vwac-sm
    Volkswagen Academy China

    Volkswagen Academy Sales and Service is the first overseas training center established by Volkswagen Group, and the first Volkswagen-authorized organization to issue Volkswagen Automobile training certificates and diplomas outside the headquarters in Germany.

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    ATD Member Network Japan

    ATD Member Network Japan supports ATD members and non-members to build knowledge, share solutions, ideas, best practices, and to network locally in Japan.

  • int-partner-kma-sm
    Korea Management Association

    Founded in 1962 by private initiatives, Korea Management Association is an non-for-profit organization specializing in lifelong learning, executive development and management consulting. For the past half century, KMA has provided its clients and member companies with the best know-how on innovation and management skills in all fields of industries.

  • int-partner-ksa-sm
    Korean Standards Association

    KSA consists of experts who have both hands-on backgrounds and theories on various industries, and thus, KSA leads Korea’s industrial development in the technology competitiveness era of the 21st century.

  • int-partner-stada-sm
    The Singapore Training and Development Association

    The Singapore Training and Development Association (STADA) was established in 1972 by a group of training professionals from diverse industries who were passionate about learning and sharing best practices.

  • int-partner-tcfst-sm
    Tze Chiang Foundation of Science and Technology

    TCFST was established in 1973 and has since driven constant change and innovation, as it specializes in high-tech personnel training and cooperative endeavors in industrial R&D, distinguishing it as an important integrating platform for the industrial, government, academic and research sectors.

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