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ATD serves the talent development community together with our member network and supporters in Europe.
  • ATD works with partners, member network, international delegation leaders, and supporters to organize conferences, workshops, and networking events in Europe.

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    ATD 2018 European Summit

    October 8-9, 2018, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
    ATD organizes the ATD European Summit to serve talent development profession in Europe. Please visit the official conference website to understand more.

International Delegation
  • CPLP Certification

    ATD Certification testing center is available in Europe. Please visit ATD Certification Institute website to understand more.

Strategic Partners and Member Network
  • ATD works with strategic partners and member network to provide the latest contents and services to talent development professionals in Europe.

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    The Dutch Association of HRD Professionals

    NVO2 is the Dutch Association of HRD professionals. The main objectives of the association are the professional development of its members and providing a network for the HRD professionals in the Netherlands, Europe, and worldwide.

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    ATD Member Network UK

    ATD Member Network UK supports ATD members and non-members to build knowledge, share solutions, ideas, best practices, and to network locally in the United Kingdom.

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