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ATD Membership Change Resources for Chapters

Powerful changes are coming to ATD membership in March! Share key details about the enhanced member experience.
Tony Bingham Details Changes to the ATD Membership Experience
Chapters are welcome to add this video to your chapter website by using the embed code. For more in-depth information on the ATD national membership changes, please visit
A message from ATD President & CEO, Tony Bingham about powerful changes to the ATD membership experience launching in March 2021.
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Powerful Changes are Coming to ATD Membership Webinar Recording
Frequently Asked Questions
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PowerPoint Slides: Overview of ATD National Membership Changes for Virtual Programs
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FAQs for Chapters Leaders
Is the chapter leader rate changing?
Yes. However, chapter leaders have until December 31, 2021, to lock in their current ATD membership rates. Chapter leaders can lock in their rates for as long as they are continuing in a volunteer leadership role and up to three years. On January 1, 2022, the chapter leader rate will increase to from $179 to $199 for Professional Plus membership and will take effect upon your next renewal.
What does my chapter need to do?
Chapters are asked to review their current Power Membership marketing tools for any reference to outdated national membership benefits or rates, including your chapter website, membership brochures, acquisition/renewal emails, and more. Resources have been compiled on this webpage to support your change efforts. Should your chapter require an additional resource, please reach out to your chapter relations manager (CRM).
Will Power Members (members of their local chapter and ATD national) still receive a discount on national membership dues?
Yes! Power Members will continue to save $30 on national membership. If your chapter participates on the Chapter Membership on the ATD Store program, this discount will automatically apply to a customer's order when purchasing both memberships simultaneously. Otherwise, customers can select their chapter from the Chapter Incentive Program (ChIP) dropdown menu at checkout to save.
Where can I learn more details about the membership changes?
For more details and to stay apprised of the latest updates, visit