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Learn the Secrets Needed to Master PowerPoint for Training

As a successful facilitator, you know the importance of the resources in your professional toolkit. How you engage your audience and improve learning can be affected by how well you use them. But mastery of PowerPoint evades many. Feedback on presentations can range from “What was the point?” to “That changed my life.” Most, though, fall closer to the former. If you are looking for a guide to the PowerPoint practices that will push your presentations into the latter category, look no further.

A Trainer's Guide to PowerPoint: Best Practices for Master Presenters is Mike Parkinson's master class on the art of PowerPoint. While Parkinson wants you to understand how amazing a tool PowerPoint is, he's the first to tell you that there is no magic button to make awesome slides. There are, however, proven processes and tools that deliver successful PowerPoint content each and every time you use them. In this book he shares them, detailing his award-winning PowerPoint process and guiding you through three phases of presentation development—discover, design, and deliver. What's more, Parkinson is a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP—most valuable professional—an honorific bestowed by Microsoft on those with “very deep knowledge of Microsoft products and services.” He shares not only his tips and best practices for presentation success, but also those from several of his fellow MVPs.

Parkinson invites you to master PowerPoint as a tool—just like a paintbrush and paint—and to realize that the tool doesn't make the art, you do.

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Praise for This Book
Host, the Presentation Summit
At the Presentation Summit, Mike is known as our energizer bunny. He’s full of energy, always on the go, and never stops. While leading our seminars, he can get so excited, he actually does a little bunny hop. I make fun of him, but I know that this is actually his secret sauce – this is how he brings such passion to his work and to his audiences. It was with great pleasure that I discovered these same qualities are in A Trainer’s Guide to PowerPoint. You can feel Mike’s warmth and passion in just about every page of this fine work.
Learning Specialist and Author, Rapid Video Development for Trainers
This book is essential reading for trainers who want their slides to lead to learning. PowerPoint is a tool and as a master craftsman, Mike Parkinson shows us how to expertly deploy this tool. But he doesn’t just offer a list of tips and tricks. He approaches it philosophically, offering wise and practical guidance on audiences, planning content, and making slides visually appealing.
Consultant and Author, Own Any Occasion
Poor visual aids can doom a presentation before the first word is spoken. More than just design tips, this book enables presenters to avoid all-too-common mistakes and shows how to make stunning slides specifically targeted for their audiences.
Author, Visual Design Solutions
This book gives trainers the whole package from A to Z. Mike Parkinson covers the best practices for understanding the audience, solving their problem, creating slides with impact, and delivering a powerful presentation.
Terberg Design, Microsoft PowerPoint MVP, Director, Presentation Guild
If you strive to create better training presentations, close your PowerPoint file and read this book. Mike Parkinson offers practical advice that will help you improve your training materials, from concept to delivery.
Managing Director, Strategic Proposals
There are few, if any, as well versed in designing Power Point presentations as Mike Parkinson. This book is invaluable for anyone who has a need for creating powerful PowerPoint slides.
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What version of ppt is this book based on?
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I ask you to spend a few more bucks and buy it from ATD. For me it's worth it to support our colleagues and service providers, strengthen our professional organization, and enable ATD to do research and a hundred other things that Amazon does not, will not, and cannot do. I like Amazon as much as the next guy, but a few more bucks are not significant to Jeff Bezos and Amazon, but they are to ATD.
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Thanks Robin,
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