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Revised from its 2004 edition, the new ASTD Competency Study is your essential guide for understanding and using the ASTD Competency Model. The ASTD Competency Model answers the question, what do training and development practitioners need to know and do to be successful, now and in the future? And, how do they prepare for that future faster than ever before? The ASTD Competency Model is the definitive framework for the training and development profession; understanding and applying the model is essential for staying current and relevant in the field.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Add power to your development plans by honing in on the key competencies and trends that really matter. 
  • Stay current and relevant in the T&D field.
  • Understand and apply the ASTD Competency Model in a practical, actionable way. 

This book presents the academic research behind the model in a practical, actionable way. Ultimately, it helps training and development practitioners add power to their development plans by honing in on the key competencies and trends that really matter.

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ISBN: 9781562868666
Pages: 152
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
Product Code: 111311
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Praise for This Book
ebb associates inc.
The 2013 ASTD Competency Model is more than new. There’s extensive wisdom and foresight packed into this five-sided package. The work is impressive, but the genius is in the details: reimagined foundational competencies, refined areas of expertise, redefined applications for our field. It’s all there. The training and development field depends on ASTD to provide practical, leading-edge research, while simultaneously aligning with organizations to maximize their talent capability. The 2013 Model achieves both. This timely and prophetic resource is critical for the advancement of the profession. It provides a blueprint for the field, guidance to organizations, and self-confidence to individual practitioners.”
Chief Learning Officer, Hilton Worldwide University
Given today’s advancements in technology, expanding global markets, and times of economic volatility, this newly redefined ASTD Competency Model is particularly relevant and practical. The real value in this Model is in its application, which will serve as a template for success today and in the future.
Strategic Business Partner—Learning, Training, and Development, The Boeing Company
Whether a new or experienced practitioner, this book serves as a valuable road map to keep pace with ongoing changes in training and development. The new ASTD Competency Model is an excellent resource that takes into account the impacts of globalization, advances in learning technology, and continuing economic uncertainty that affects all professionals in talent development and beyond. Regardless of role, this work helps ensure that all of us have a firm grounding in the competencies needed to be successful.
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