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ASTD's Best On Talent Management is a compilation of the most popular T+D articles, Infoline issues, and book chapters in the talent management space. A robust talent management strategy is vital for today’s workforce, and this bundle of leading content will show you how to make talent the business of your organization. Learn the definition of integrated talent management and how to implement initiatives at both the strategic and operational levels. Next, read about specific talent management functions, including onboarding, engagement, and retention. Finally, peruse a variety of case studies from organizations such as 3M, Mercer, and Cisco, which illustrate best practices and lessons learned.

This Best On contains content from the following books, Infolines, and articles:

  • Talent Management, “The Business of Talent Management”
  • The ASTD Management Development Handbook, “Make Talent Your Business”
  • T+D, “Learning’s Role in Integrated Talent Management”
  • Integrated Talent Management Scorecards, “Implementing Integrated Talent Management Scorecards”
  • Infoline, “Onboarding for Managers”
  • Infoline, “Talent Engagement Across the Generations”
  • T+D, “Innovations in Talent Analytics”
  • The Executive Guide to Integrated Talent Management, “Engaging and Retaining Talent”; “Engagement at 3M: A Case Study”
  • T+D, “Cultivating Top Talent at Mercer”
  • Talent Management, “Talent Management: Function and Transformation at Cisco—the Demands of the Global Economy”; “A People-Focused Organization: Development and Performance Practices at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta”
  • The Executive Guide to Integrated Talent Management, “10 Essential Talent Management Lessons I Learned From My CEO”
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