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Coaching Employee Engagement Training is written for managers and other leaders who, regardless of their level of experience, wish to facilitate and support the development of truly engaged employees within their organization. Utilizing clear, focused suggestions on improving employee coaching skills, Coaching Employee Engagement Training focuses on the fundamentals of successful employee coaching, and delivers powerful, pragmatic lessons within an easy-to-use, highly efficient workbook format. With its comprehensive approach to teaching employee coaching, Coaching Employee Engagement Training is a valuable resource for everyone interested in creating a more engaged workplace environment.

  • Creating and presenting highly effective training materials and methods.
  • Tailoring your training to your specific audience.
  • Choosing and implementing appropriate, applicable program formats.
  • Utilizing the detailed lesson plans and user guides included in the book.
  • Understanding the three levels of coaching communication.
  • Deploying specific, detailed role-playing scenarios and suggestions.
  • Objectively assessing and evaluating your training and coaching programs.

More than just a manual, Coaching Employee Engagement Training is a complete resource offering in-depth lessons, suggestions, exercises, worksheets, and evaluation forms. Coaching Employee Engagement Training offers managers and leaders at every level of experience and organizational rank the tools needed to create and maintain a high degree of meaningful, organic employee engagement.

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ISBN: 9781562868192
Pages: 344
Publication Date:
Formats: Paperback, PDF
Product Code: 111207

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Praise for This Book
President, Performance Partners Consulting

Coaching Employee Engagement is a must on any trainer’s bookshelf who wants to design effective learning experiences for both new and experienced supervisors and managers. Peter R. Garber presents each of the 50 activities included in the workbook in an easy-to-follow format which gets exactly to the point that the activity is designed to teach participants. Included in this workbook are quizzes, assessments, role plays, models, scripts, simulations, and more to provide a wide variety of learning experiences. Everyone participating in these activities will leave the experience better able to meet the ever-increasing demands of leading engaged employees in today's complex workplaces. I look forward to using this excellent training resource for many years to come.

Program Manager, Center for Executive Education Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh

I have come across many training programs in my role as a program coordinator for a large university's continuing education program, and I believe that Peter Garber's newest book is among the best new leadership books. Peter provides detailed training content that covers a wide variety of topics, including the importance of effective communication, dealing with conflict in the workplace, and building teamwork in an organization. The workbook is rich in content, providing detailed training materials for presenters to teach leaders on any level of an organization. I believe this workbook would be an excellent reference tool to build just about any length of training program on employee engagement.

HR Generalist, Utility Service Partners Inc.

Peter Garber has once again developed an excellent educational tool that should become a classic training resource. These lessons are not only useful in today's workplace focused on employee engagement, but also will be just as relevant years from now, because this workbook captures the basic principles and components necessary to be a good leader or supervisor in any work environment.

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