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Training is vastly more effective when methods are based on evidence!

Seasoned technical trainer Ruth Colvin Clark has synthesized the findings of today’s crucial learning research into a noteworthy refresher of her 2010 book. Delve into the foundational ideas of evidence-based practice and discover a clear pathway to applying best practices to the creation of your instructional products.

Follow along as Clark dissects popular training myths and offers best practice guidelines. You’ll drill into the evidence on use of graphics, text, and audio and walk away with tactics for implementing two of the most powerful instructional methods associated with learning: examples and practice.

This book covers:

  • research behind the limits of the human memory, the value of graphics, balancing activity with learning—and how to apply it to training practices
  • the power of examples, practice, and feedback
  • brand-new material on scenario-based learning and games.

Whether you're a classroom instructor, developer of training materials, training manager, or designer of any form of learning, you’ll find your training will be vastly more effective when you base your methods on evidence.

Exclusive Bonus Content
Order the book directly from ATD to gain immediate access to Ruth Clark's bonus content on motivation and teach backs. Visit "My Downloads" after your purchase to access the PDF.

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ISBN: 9781562869748
Pages: 392
Publication Date:
Formats: Paperback, PDF
Product Code: 111422
About the Author
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Praise for This Book
Professor, Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning, Boise State University
This new edition provides updated guidelines for practitioners who care about creating hardhitting training based on research—rather than widespread myths and blind faith in "the way we've always done it." Combined with additions defining evidence-based practice and a chapter on games and learning, this text is a must-have for any serious professional's library.
Professor, Psychological and Brain Science, University of California, Santa Barbara
Author, Multimedia Learning, Applying the Science of Learning, and Computer Games for Learning
Ruth Clark takes the growing research base on the science of learning, and translates it into clear, practical, and powerful advice on how to design professional training. If you want to take an evidence-based approach to developing effective professional training, this book is for you.
Author, ASTD’s Ultimate Train the Trainer
Editor, The ASTD Handbook, 2nd Edition
Ruth Clark's vivid descriptions grab your attention and tell you where to invest your design and delivery time. Her personable "What Do You Think?" segments draw you into a fascinating study of what’s true and what’s not. Ruth's chapter-end application checklists, examples, questions, and tips ensure that every trainer will take away dozens of ways to help learners. A brilliant book—brimming with proven advice for trainers.
President, Work-Learning Research
Ruth Clarks' Evidence-Based Training Methods, 2nd Edition, shines with practical research-based insights, providing a well-needed countermeasure to the myths and misconceptions too often rampant in the workplace learning field. Ruth has done it again; compiling the latest research, writing with wisdom and authority, and creating a book that must be read—and applied—by every training professional.
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