Implementing E-Learning Solutions (In Action Case Study Series)
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Where are you in both your understanding and implementation of e-learning solutions? The development and implementation of e-learning solutions has become a topic of discussion for most training organizations. It is also an area of interest among corporations, academic institutions, government agencies, and nonprofit entities, where it is not limited to those organizations' training departments. The interest in e-learning and the exposure it is getting are both a blessing and a curse for training professionals. Along with the high-level exposure for pending or existing initiatives come perceptions about the results. Many times these expectations of deliverables, the time frame to launch and investment requirements are unrealistic. Training managers are expected to have a great deal of knowledge about the field, the players, and the staffing requirements. Unfortunately, without personal experience this knowledge can be difficult to obtain. Implementing E-Learning Solutions contributes to the understanding of the e-learning field by offering a variety of systems, processes, and models through the case studies. By sharing the challenges and successes of those who have already embarked on the e-learning path, other training professionals will benefit from their experience.

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ISBN: 9781562862923
Pages: 216
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