Leaders Don't Command
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It’s not enough to get a team to work, you need them to invest their hearts and minds.

Managers are currently faced with the most uncertain environment in history. How can we lead our teams to create and seize opportunities? How do we navigate through the fog in our brains and the overworked staff sitting in front of us?

This acclaimed book, originally published in Spanish as Mejor Liderar que Mandar, draws from author Jorge Cuervo’s vast experience as an executive, trainer, and coach. By presenting the information in bite-size chapters and to-do lists, Cuervo helps each of us to bring out the best of ourselves in leadership, management, and supervisory roles.

In this book you will learn:

  • about the essence of leadership and the emotional processes that influence it
  • what beliefs and stereotypes often lack meaning and hinder the development of leadership
  • tips and tricks to improve your leadership skills. 

PDF (Spanish) 

El libro electrónico Leaders Don’t Command (Mejor liderar que mandar), está disponible en Español. Selecciona la opción de "PDF (Spanish)" en el menú de precios. 

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ISBN: 9781562869359
Pages: 200
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Formats: Paperback, PDF, PDF (Spanish)
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