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Test Development: Fundamentals for Certification and Evaluation provides practical guidelines for the classical approach to test development – specifically for certification and credentialing. Most of the existing high-quality books on the topic of criterion-referenced test (CRT) development are written for professional statisticians and psychometricians. And the books written for the general reader tend to lack accurate, user-friendly coverage of some of the most critical topics. This book serves as an accessible resource on test development that does not require any technical background or expertise. Part I, Conceptual Principles, covers the process of CRT development in narrative form. Some of the topics covered include:

  • defining content domain as related to job analysis and assessment objectives
  • item writing and scoring
  • understanding validity and reliability
  • conducting item analysis
  • defining and differentiating the major standard setting methods
  • preparing for and understanding issues with test administration.

Part II, the Technical Appendix, contains the computational instructions and supplementary background material. This do-it-yourself manual is a valuable resource for training program developers, credential program developers, as well as other relevant human resources personnel and upper management who need to be on board for change management related to testing programs 

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ISBN: 9781562868253
Pages: 296
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
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Praise for This Book
Author, ISD From the Ground Up
The last several years have seen the practice of ISD move to even higher levels of sophistication and Melissa’s book wonderfully makes the point that evaluation expertise has never been more important in the toolkit required of all professional instructional designers. This is a required read for anyone calling themselves a training and development professional since every moment of our work is in some way connected to evaluation. It is on the reading list for my graduate courses in ISD at UMBC.
Senior Consultant, Kirkpatrick Partners, LLC
Dr. Fein’s book, Test Development, is a deep yet refreshing look at a multi-decade challenge. This straight-forward, practically ‘written workshop’ format simplifies the art and science of test development without compromising integrity, credibility, and scientific rigor. I highly recommend this not only for test builders, but for all learning professionals who want to sharpen their Kirkpatrick Level 2 evaluation skills.
President/HR Consultant, Pinnacle Human Resources, LLC
Dr. Fein's book was comprehensive, focused and immediately useful. Test Development, The Fundamentals for Certification and Evaluation is an articulate and highly readable synthesis of current thinking on creating valid and reliable training programs and a framework to apply these fundamentals in real life situations. This book should be recommended reading for all training program developers, credential program developers, as well as human resources professionals in creating certifiable training programs. Upper management who wish to facilitate change management via related testing programs would also benefit from this book.
Program Director and Consulting Faculty Member University of Maryland, Baltimore County
The stated purpose of this book is to provide a comprehensive do-it-yourself manual of the classical approach to Criterion Referenced Test development in the context of credentialing and program evaluation. It does that and more. This is an excellent toolbox and desktop reference for experienced HR professionals, as well as for students in Industrial Psychology and Assessment programs whose goals are workplace performance focused. Dr. Fein has presented critical material in a clear, concise and user-friendly format that can service the HR field for its myriad of evaluation and certification needs. End of chapter referencing and cross referencing make Test Development a valuable addition to any professional’s library.
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