The Brain-Friendly Workplace

5 Big Ideas From Neuroscience That Address Organizational Challenges
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Transform your organization into a "best place to work" by using brain-friendly strategies.

It is an understatement to say that this is a difficult time to be a part of the American workforce, for employees and employers alike. The transformational drivers and trends existing in the current workforce create myriad challenges. The Brain-Friendly Workplace addresses the workplace challenges that closely rely on and affect people, such as upheaval in management, new and different employee motivators, diversity, maintaining civility in the workplace, and continuous transition and change. It then applies five "big ideas" from neuroscience and how they can be used to address these issues. By learning about these fundamental brain processes and adapting your organization's culture to fit them, workplaces can be transformed.

In this book you'll:

  • Review the challenges facing workplaces today, and what's on the horizon.
  • Learn five brain-friendly strategies that use our brains in the way they naturally function.
  • Enhance your employees' strengths and confidence by applying these strategies and become a "best place to work" award winner.

Complete with a look inside award-winning organizations, tips on putting the science to work, and an assessment tool, this book will help you measure and improve the level of brain-friendliness in your organization.

Erika Garms explains how to create a brain-friendly workplace.


Erika Garms discusses workplace myths that neuroscience can help alleviate.

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