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The Manager's Communication Toolbox focuses on management development by improving communication for new managers as well as more experienced professionals.

Like a star baseball player, every good manager should aim to be a five-tool expert. Reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking are basic skills for any employee, but the manager who stands out is the manager who commands these skills. To improve your standing with your employees and superiors, it’s essential to understand each of these areas of communication. In The Manager’s Communication Toolbox, the authors offer tips, checklists, and examples, along with other expert testimony for best practices.

Over the years, the practice of these skills has changed as a result of technology. Everyone emails these days, but in this book, the authors dig deeper into what to say, when to say it, and how to say it in a business setting. Rethink your thinking skills—find more time in your day by being more aware of your tendencies. And for everyone who worries about giving speeches and making presentations, find out how to improve, and the steps you can take to show off your managerial communication skills.

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ISBN: 9781562868185
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Praise for This Book

This is a good book. Managers need it. From CEOs to recent grads, managers need to communicate effectively with their colleagues, their supervisors and—most of all—with the public. As a business journalist, I know from sad experience that many of them need help, and this is a book that can help them.

The Manager’s Communication Toolbox is intelligent, entertaining, and important for new and experienced managers alike. Each section is easy to read, and each chapter has a quick summary with an overview of the contents. You will keep this on your bookshelf as a reference throughout your professional life. And, if you are a good manager, you will buy this book for your staff during the holiday season!
 The Manager’s Communication Toolbox is a must-read for employees in the private or public sectors, not just for experienced or aspiring managers. This concise—yet comprehensive—work is filled with excellent insights on essential communication tools basic to both career and personal success. Chasen and Putnam’s book is highly readable, and each of the chapters contains helpful ‘expert tips,’ examples illustrating the concepts, and invaluable how-to advice.

Imagine the improved efficiency and time savings had my managers read this book—fewer letters rewritten, more effective meetings, better presentations, briefer briefings! My new supervisors will benefit from the guidance on interviewing applicants and evaluating their teams, and everyone can develop better listening skills! This is a really important toolbox.

Excellent! Very understandable treatment of the topics. A reminder that communication is an art and a skill, making this book a wonderful resource for any communication student or professional.

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