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The Self-Aware Leader provides practical and proven lessons on how becoming more self-aware within the context of your management practices will benefit you, your career, and your organization. Based on research by the author, it offers insights regarding those aspects of your management career about which you need to become self-aware, and which characteristics drive desirable leadership outcomes such as achieving success with projects, promotions, and professional satisfaction.

Some of the specific topics discussed in The Self-Aware Leader include:

  • Defining the advantages of self-awareness in leadership
  • Specific lessons on how to become a self-aware leader
  • Guidance on how to successfully reinvent self, others, and the business
  • Applying your self-awareness to the task of day-to-day management
  • The importance and value of profitable imagination in leadership
  • How thinking like a general manager can yield benefits to you and your organization
  • The power of Generosity Quotient™ and professional authenticity as leadership practices
  • How to put these lessons together by “connecting the dots” to boost innovation and success.

The Self-Aware Leader delivers a proven program to increased success for both you and your organization by outlining a path to greater managerial self-awareness. With its specific, experience-based insights for managers, The Self-Aware Leader is an extremely valuable resource for anyone interested in increasing their leadership skill set and furthering their managerial career.

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ISBN: 9781562868123
Pages: 200
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
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Praise for This Book
City Year National Board of Trustees
Self-aware leaders are humble but confident; they are comfortable being uncomfortable. They know that the success of the enterprise rests with their reinvention, that of their teams, and that of the products/services they offer. This is a great book for middle managers as they prepare to lead larger teams in a world of rapid change. It lays out the challenge and the absolute necessity of reinvention as well as the framework, requisite attributes, and guideposts to enable the self-aware leader to be successful for their teams, their enterprise, their communities, and themselves.
Chair, The MASIE Center's Learning CONSORTIUM
The self-aware leader must continually balance knowledge about their organization, their people, and most importantly: themselves. This book articulates the need for a leader to have crisp insight into their own patterns, perspectives, and personal needs. Leader, know thyself, and use that knowledge to structure your decisions and actions every day!
Senior Vice President, Strategic Services, Aubrey Daniels International
The Self-Aware Leader provides a clear, practical, and repeatable process to assist leaders in reinventing themselves. I’ve seen the outcome of this method in action—reinvented leaders improve their impact in the business and their followership. Anyone who invests the time in this proven and tested model will greatly enhance their ability to advance in their careers and to lead others.
Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, SunTrust
Dan Gallagher's The Self-Aware Leader is a compelling read. The book takes Peter Drucker's axioms of know thyself and know thy time as outlined in Effective Executive and brings them to life in a pragmatic and interesting way to help every leader optimize their performance and their people's performance.
Author of Rules of the Red Rubber Ball, What’s Your Red Rubber Ball?, The Red Rubber Ball at Work, and the Katalyst blog
Look no further for a professional development book that shares pragmatic prose coupled with emotional intelligence-filled insights about a very necessary leadership trait—know thyself! The Self-Aware Leader will assist the reader in gaining wisdom to lead their team and organization with more courage, more empathy, and more clarity.
Chief Learning Officer and Senior Vice President, Comcast
Dan's approach to professional and personal reinvention is a game changer—I've seen leaders respond to it firsthand. The Self-Aware Leader provides a progressive perspective on reinvention using an easily applied model. It's grounded in today's reality, supported by current research, and road-tested by Dan's experience as a practitioner in the field of leadership development.
Chief Human Resources and Communications Officer, Campbell Soup Company
Too many managers are in such a hurry to get promoted to the next rung that they fail to take the time to be introspective and really know themselves. The Self-Aware Leader is the perfect antidote and is an effective tool in helping to raise their career trajectory. Dan Gallagher provides the reader with practical techniques and exercises to become more self-aware, grow, and succeed—both personally and professionally.
Senior Partner, Decision Strategies International and Teaching Fellow of Executive Education, the Wharton School
Drawing on a number of examples from Ben Franklin to Ice Cube, this book provides a fresh, contemporary look at the key role self-awareness plays in management success. Through compelling anecdotes drawn from years of Dan’s experience in molding future corporate leaders, it offers fresh, practical advice to managers and provides the blueprint around which many management development programs should be constructed.
Chief Executive Officer, NBC Universal
There are many different types of leaders, but the successful ones know themselves well. This book teaches leaders how to become more self-aware and balance the human and business sides of leadership. The Self-Aware Leader will give the reader insights into how to lead yourself and others, with a strong eye on the bottom line
Chief Information Officer, Wawa
The Self-Aware Leader will take you on a thought-provoking journey, helping you pragmatically look in the mirror and assess your professional and emotional self-awareness. This book is filled with practical advice and examples that directly translate into actions each of us can take that will make a difference. This is the ideal companion if you have a desire to become a more effective leader and are willing to self-reflect and change.
VP Executive Development, DDI
The Self-Aware Leader provides breakthrough ideas to grow the talent needed to achieve critical business goals. Author Dan Gallagher reveals the playbook utilized by Comcast to teach middle managers the keys to reinvention and professional self-awareness. His practical approach, perfectly geared toward today’s generation of learners, will help you accelerate the development of high potentials destined for the executive suite. And, you’ll be inspired toward a bit of personal reinvention yourself!
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