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Winning the Global Talent Showdown
How Businesses and Communities Can Partner to Rebuild the Jobs Pipeline
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Demographic trends in America, Europe, Russia, and Japan are reducing the pool of new workers, which will result in a dramatic global talent shortage. But even more important, the worldwide education-to-employment system is woefully outmoded; we're not producing graduates with the kinds of technical, communications, and thinking skills needed to fuel the 21st century cyber-mental age.

Winning the Global Talent Showdown surveys the declining world talent pipeline, with a chapter devoted to each of the major global markets, and explains how we can reinvent our talent-creation system to support future growth and prosperity. Citing examples from Fargo, North Dakota, to Vermilion, Illinois, Santa Ana, California, and all points in between, Edward Gordon describes how schools, businesses, training organizations, parents, nonprofits, local governments, and others are joining together to develop revolutionary new approaches to education and training that will prepare workers for the realities of the 21st century. Winning the Global Talent Showdown reveals how concerned readers can establish these gateways to the future in their own communities so the jobs pipeline flows freely again.

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