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"My best advice would be to tackle a little at a time..."


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Who are the more than 4,500 talent development professionals who have earned the APTD or CPTD credential? Get to know the talented and diverse community:

Mollie Steed earned the Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD®) credential in 2022.

Why did you pursue the APTD?
I was in the middle of my master’s program at Louisiana State University when I happened upon a list of certifications that would count as credits for classes in the program. That is when I initially looked into the Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD) certification. It sounded right up my alley with my knowledge of the HR world. It was then I decided that I wanted to become an APTD. I began studying for the certification shortly after that, and I started to understand how much this certification would mean to me. It was able to do much more for me than simply check off a class in my master’s program.

How have you benefited from the credential—professionally and/or personally?
This credential has done so much for me both professionally and personally. It makes me feel accomplished to be a subject matter expert in talent development. It allows me to be a source of wisdom on this topic in my company and in my community. I was able to learn an abundant amount of information that will help me excel in my career for years to come.


What advice would you share with others considering certification?
My best advice would be to tackle a little at a time. Looking at all the information at once can be quite overwhelming, but it becomes easier to handle once you break it down into sections. Through this approach, I was able to realize how much I remembered from my previous knowledge and experience in the field. It helps to think about how the information has been useful for you personally in your talent development experience.

What is a great book you’ve read recently?
Where the Crawdads Sing, by Delia Owens


What is your favorite hobby or pastime?
Sand volleyball

What is the most unusual or interesting job you've ever had?
My very first job was in a geotechnical engineering lab testing the properties of soil samples.

Have you earned the APTD or CPTD? Share your story with the community.

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