Become a CPLP

Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) Interactive Guide

When Will I Know If I'm CPLP Certified?

To become a CPLP, you must pass both the knowledge exam and the skills application exam (SAE). The high-level steps to becoming a CPLP are as follows:

  • Register to become a CPLP, including selecting a test window
  • Complete this Interactive Guide, draft your Study Plan and determine what Preparing for the CPLP programs are right for you
  • Spend an average of 90 hours studying, in addition to your participation in any preparation program or study group
  • Take and pass the knowledge exam
  • Take and pass the SAE
  • Within 6-8 weeks of your SAE, receive notification of your status. A passing score is required to receive the CPLP certification.

Review the CPLP Program Statistics for more details on pass rates for both the exam and the work product.

Tip: Celebrate your new designation by considering how you can contribute to the profession; participate in communities and chapters and stay connected.

What's Next?

Congratulations! As a new CPLP, review these resources for credential holders for important information on logo usage, volunteer opportunities for CPLPs, and recertification guidelines. Inform important stakeholders about your new status. Share the news in your social media networks and through a press release. (Your CPLP passing notification will include a sample press release you can use.) Register in the CPLP Directory.

What About Recertification?

Review the Recertification policies now so that you have them for future planning.

Tip: Do you know someone who may want to begin their own CPLP journey? Share this Preparing for the CPLP: Interactive Guide with them.