Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) Interactive Guide

Congratulations on your decision to explore and/or pursue your CPLP® certification! This Preparing for the CPLP: Interactive Guide is designed to provide a “one stop” resource for all the CPLP documents and information, so that you understand and can access details at every step along the way.

You should use this Interactive Guide if you are:

  • Looking for more information about becoming a CPLP
  • Already registered and want to understand every step of the process
  • Getting ready to participate in one of the ATD CPLP Preparation Programs
  • Want to put a Study Plan together for your CPLP preparation
  • Have questions about the value of the CPLP certification
  • Have questions about the knowledge exam or the Skills Application Exam (SAE)

You are taking a critical step in your professional development by exploring and investing in your CPLP certification. Successful CPLPs report that the process of studying for and getting their CPLP designation was a tremendous growth opportunity, allowed them to both learn and give back to the profession, and made a positive impact on their careers.

How Does The ATD Competency Model Align To The CPLP Certification?

The ATD Competency Model serves as the basis for the certification in that it defines the skills and knowledge required to become a CPLP. Take a minute to:

ATD Competency Model

What Is The Value Of The CPLP Certification?

Ultimately, determining the value of your CPLP certification is critical for your success. Have you talked with your employer about the value of this certification to him/her, or to your organization? Who do you know that has her CPLP, and what impact has that certification had on her career? What is driving your own interest in getting your CPLP designation? Consider the answers to those questions as you review this presentation on the Value of the CPLP Certification.

Is CPLP Right For Me?

What have you learned so far about how the CPLP might help you? All CPLP candidates must have at least five years of related work experience, pass a comprehensive knowledge exam and skills application exam. To be a good CPLP candidate you should:

  • Have a deep knowledge of and have applied the principles for enhancing employee learning and performance
  • Be doing work that includes every-day application of training and development principles
  • Have experience in your chosen Area of Expertise so that you are prepared for the SAE
  • Be willing to spend the time and resources to prepare for the CPLP

Before you move forward, review the program policies and procedures in the Certification Handbook. Most importantly, take the time to confirm the value of the CPLP certification for YOU.