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Apply and Register

Congratulations! You’ve decided to pursue your certification. You’re on your way to expanding your potential and demonstrating mastery in your profession.

What Now?

You can achieve your CPLP certification in as little as 8 months (including preparation time), but your timeline is up to you!
CPLP Typical Timeline

Important to Know

Candidates must successfully complete the Knowledge Exam within one year of the date of initial registration and payment or CPLP candidacy will expire. Candidates must successfully complete the Skills Application Exam within two years of the date of successfully completing the Knowledge Exam or CPLP candidacy will expire. Candidates are required to select test windows for both during the application process. There is a $300 fee if you transfer to new testing windows after you've made your selection, so make sure you’re prepared and plan accordingly. If CPLP candidacy has expired, individuals will be required to apply and register as a new candidate, including the remittance of the full CPLP registration fee payment.

Not Quite Ready for the Exams?

Take as much time as you need to prepare. ATD offers several, optional preparation programs to help you.

Ready to Register for the Exams?
Here are your next steps:

1.Review the CPLP Certification Handbook or APTD 2018 Certification Handbook to understand what’s involved going forward.
2.Acquire an ATD Member/Candidate ID # and password. Contact ATD Customer Care at 800.628.2783 for assistance.
3.Complete the application and manage your record.