ATD Certification in 2020
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The Associate Professional in Talent Development - Through June 30

Information and Resources for APTD Candidates Testing Before June 30
APTD and ATD Certification Is Changing in 2020
With the recent release of ATD's new Talent Development Capability Model there will be changes to the APTD program. Explore the model to learn more about the new standard for talent development, see what is changing with ATD Certification overall, or browse the New APTD pages if you would like to test after June 30.

Congratulations for deciding to embark on your journey to achieve the APTD credential!


If you don't have an ATD login and password, please create a login at In the upper right corner you will see Sign In/Register or call ATD customer Care at 800.628.2783 for assistance.

NOTE: If you will require special accommodations through the Americans with Disabilities Act, please contact Wendy Luikart at before beginning the application.

Complete the Application:

  • Click the link for the APTD Application system. If it is your first time in the application system, you may need to complete additional demographic fields and indicate that you are interested in the APTD program.
  • To do this, select Supporting Requirements on the left-hand menu and then select Click to Respond, choose Associate Professional in Talent Development and click Submit.

Supporting Requirements ATD Certification

  • Next choose Complete a Form from the left-hand menu

APTD Candidate Application Form

  • Under the New Forms tab, select New APTD Application.
  • Select a testing window for the APTD Exam. Consider your schedule before choosing your test window because a $200 fee applies if you transfer to a new testing window once selected.

Once your application is complete, click on the Submit Form button. After your application is submitted, you will be directed to the payment page.

  • Credit Card payments: Follow the process to make a credit card payment. A receipt will be created that you can print or save.
  • Check or wire payments: Please contact ATD Customer Care at 1-800-628-2783 to be sent an invoice with payment instructions.

NOTE: Payments must be processed before your application is complete.

NOTE: Please whitelist and to be sure you receive appropriate emails.

Changing Test Windows: To transfer exam windows please contact our Certification Specialist at who will research your candidate status and provide you payment information for the transfer fee if eligible to transfer. It is not possible to transfer test windows online.

Retesting: If you need to retest, contact our Certification Specialist at who will research your candidate status and provide you payment information for the retest fee if eligible to retest. It is not possible to schedule your retest exam online.

Need assistance? Contact or contact a Certification Specialist at 703-838-5842 for assistance with your questions

For more details about the APTD certification process, please download the APTD handbook below.

Credentialing Handbook - APTD
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