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Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP)

The pinnacle achievement in talent development.

Am I Eligible for the CPLP?

To be eligible for the CPLP program, candidates must have at least:

  • Five (5) years of full-time professional work experience in the talent development or related fields; OR
  • Four (4) years of full-time professional work experience in the talent development or related fields AND one year of college or university study in talent development; OR
  • Have at least four (4) years of full-time professional work experience in talent development or related fields AND successful completion of an ATD Master Series program.

*Beginning in December 2018, CPLP candidates with the APTD certification or an eligible ATD Master series designation will be able to opt-out of portions of the CPLP Knowledge Exam.

CPLP Eligibility Form

If you want to be sure that you meet eligibility requirements for the CPLP, you may download the CPLP Eligibility Form below and return it to our Certification Specialist at

CPLP Eligibility Resources

Program Guidelines

The CPLP Certification Handbook is the technical guide for the CPLP program and provides individuals with everything they need to understand to complete the certification process. This is the primary source for CPLP program support and is a must read for candidates. Candidates must follow all policies, procedures, and deadlines outlined in this Handbook.

The ATD Certification Institute (ATD CI) reserves the right to change the standards, application, and requirements for certification and recertification and will do so as necessary; therefore, it is important that candidates refer to the Handbook on an ongoing basis to ensure they have access to the most current information. The most recent version of the CPLP Certification Handbook can be downloaded below.

CPLP Certification Handbook
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