Do I Meet The Requirements?

With the right qualifications, you can start your APTD or CPLP journey today!

Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD)

APTD candidates are typically early career Talent Development (TD) professionals who want to formalize and recognize their role with a certification. Read more about the APTD eligibility requirements.

Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP)

The CPLP is a broad-based certification offered by the ATD Certification Institute for talent development professionals. Read more about the CPLP eligibility requirements.

Requirements At a Glance

Compare eligibility requirements for the APTD and CPLP credentials.

Eligibility Minimum 3 years  Minimum 5 years
AOEs Covered  3 primary AOEs - ID, TD, LT (Also ELI and Global Mindset)  All 10 AOEs + 1 Foundational Competency
 Type of Exam  Primarily Knowledge  Knowledge & Skills
 Certification Process  1 Knowledge Exam  1 Knowledge Exam + 1 Skills Application Exam
 Recertification  Every 3 years / 40 credits  Every 3 years / 60 credits
 Test Out Option May use qualifying ATD Masters to test-out of 1 area OR APTD to test out of 3 areas on Knowledge Exam  May use qualifying ATD Masters to test-out of 1 area OR APTD to test out of 3 areas on Knowledge Exam 

Program Guidelines

The CPLP and APTD Certification Handbooks are the technical guides for the CPLP and the APTD programs and provide individuals with everything they need to understand to complete the certification process. These are the primary sources for CPLP and APTD program support and are a must read for candidates. Candidates must follow all policies, procedures, and deadlines outlined in this Handbook. The ATD Certification Institute (ATD CI) reserves the right to change the standards, application, and requirements for certification and recertification and will do so as necessary; therefore, it is important that candidates refer to the Handbook on an ongoing basis to ensure they have access to the most current information. The most recent versions of the CPLP and APTD Certification Handbooks can be downloaded below.

Download the Credentialing Handbooks