ATD Certification

About ATD Certification
ATD chapters are always striving to deliver programs and services that create value for their members. The CPTD and APTD have gained popularity among talent development professionals who see certification as a way to become more knowledgeable about the profession and stand out from the crowd. Supporting ATD certification will help members seeking career advancement and professional development opportunities see added value in joining your chapter and attending your chapter’s programs. Below is general information about ATD certification including the major changes that took place in 2020.
  • ATD Professional Certification Overview
    A presentation reviewing ATD professional certification programs and why your members should consider one.
    ATD Professional Certification Programs - What Are They and Why You Should Consider One
  • Certification Marketing Materials
    For the most recent certification marketing materials, download the brochure below:
  • Certification Resources for Candidates
    The most recent certification handbooks, study planning guides, content outlines and other key resources for both APTD and CPTD certifications may be downloaded from the page below:
  • FAQs - Changes to Certification Program
    Frequently asked questions about the recent changes to the Certification programs including testing changes, content, pricing and name changes.
  • Chapter Study Group Guide
    If your chapter is currently hosting an APTD and/or CPTD study group, or planning one in the future, be sure to review the chapter study group guide. The guide includes facilitator and leader guidelines, tips for establishing a group, a sample study group plan and agenda. Chapters that decide to support a certification study group should contact their chapter relations manager (CRM) to learn about the resources and support that ATD can provide.
  • Recertification Resources
    APTD and CPTD credential holders must earn professional development points to recertify every three years. The recertification guidelines and FAQs can be downloaded from the page below. For more information about recertification contact the ATD CI team at [email protected].
  • Professional Development Points for Chapter Programs
    If your chapter has not been pre-approved to offer professional development points, you may use the following language on promotional materials: “CPTDs and APTDs applicants and credential holders must earn professional development credits by participating in continuing education activities that relate to the ATD Capability Model. Please review the Recertification and new Eligibility Guidelines on the ATD website for more information.”

    The ATD Certification Institute (CI) does offer professional development credits for ATD chapter programs that meet ATD CI's standards. To apply to have your chapter programs pre-approved, complete the form at the bottom of the page below:
  • Chapter Excellence Awards (CEA)
    ATD awards the Excellence in Advancing the Profession Through ATD Certification (APTD/CPTD) to chapters that significantly foster talent development in their community and professionalize the industry through promoting ATD certification. Consider applying to win $1,000 for your chapter.
    Excellence in Advancing the Profession Through ATD Certification (APTD/CPTD)