Chapter Leader Community (CLC)
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Chapter Interest Group Toolkit

Provide your members opportunities to network and learn from one another through formation of special interest groups, geographic interest groups, or student interest groups.

Chapter Resources & Best Practices

Below, please find sample resources, guides, templates, and best practices from other chapters around creating, managing, and maintaining chapter interest groups

Position Descriptions
- SIG/GIG Liaison Quality Chair (Greater Atlanta)
- SIG/GIG Chair (Greater Atlanta)
- VP of SIGs, GIGs, and PDNs (Puget Sound)
- SIG/GIG Coordinator (Utah)
- Special Division Leaders Toolkit (Los Angeles)
- SIGs and GIGs Manual (Greater Atlanta)
- SIG, GIG, & PDN Leader’s General Guidelines of Responsibilities & Planning Checklist (Puget Sound)
- 2010 SIGs & GIGs brochure (Greater Atlanta)
- Community Training Networks To Do List (Houston)
- SIG Resource Kit Checklist (Puget Sound)
- Request for SIG Presentation Proposal (Puget Sound)
- SIG/GIG Program Registration Form (Utah)
- SIG/GIG Agenda (Utah)

If your chapter has any resources regarding chapter interest groups that it would like to share with other chapters, please contact your chapter relations manager.