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December 2017 Chapter of the Month


Congratulations to the December chapter of the Month, Dallas. The Dallas Chapter took a strategic approach to restructuring and implemented a new model of its leadership, the board, and the chapter to increase engagement both within the chapter and with corporations in the local area. The chapter desired to recruit more volunteers to not overwork the current team. The chapter also believed that leadership in the field needed more of a platform to be recognized for their programs, best practices, and corporate efforts locally. The board took ATD’s framework and structured the chapter’s programs around the ATD Competency Model. The chapter designed each quarter of the year to align with four core principles: organizational development, talent management, innovation learning solutions, and managing learning programs and teams. As a result, the chapter set a record of more than 400 people at events (previous average was 180), grew in membership and revenue for the chapter, increased corporate participation and engagement, and recruited up to 22 sponsors.

December 2017 COM - Dallas

From left to right:
Calvin Colbert (Board Advisor), Susan Frear (Past President), Glen Lumston (spouse of board member), Laurie Lumston (Board Advisor), Matt Hirst (President Elect), Bonnie Endicott (Board Member), Kim Bourque Valliere (Board Member), Jeff Valliere (spouse of board member), Jeff Kribs (Board Member), Susan Brookshire (Board Advisor), Bobby Griffin (Board Member), Mel Thompson (spouse of board member), Mike Thompson (President)