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February 2017 Chapter of the Month

Greater Atlanta

Congratulations to the February Chapter of the Month, Greater Atlanta. To attract younger talent development professionals, the chapter created a Young Professionals Community of Practice. The initial event for young professionals under the age of 40 was held last year. Several board members attended and chatted with each attendee to ensure they knew about the chapter’s mission and goal of recruiting younger professionals to the chapter. Board members spoke about the benefits of volunteering as a key to their elevator pitch. Of the more than 40 attendees to the event, the chapter gained 25 new members and 10 young professional members to volunteer roles. Several new members have also taken on leadership positions, and one has been appointed to the 2017 executive board.

Greater Atlanta February 2017 COM
Pictured from left to right.
Front row: Leigh Anne Lankford-VP Marketing and Communications , Kathryn Kolencik-VP Strategic Partnerships, Robb Bingham-President
Back row: Osiris Jolayemi-VP Programming, Tracy Haas-VP Member Services , Danielle Slatinsky-VP Community Relations, Julie Padgett-President Elect
Not pictured: Robert Panetti-VP Technology