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Power Member Marketing Resources

The following resources have been designed to support ATD chapters in promoting Power Member membership. Chapters are strongly encouraged to download these resources to assist with marketing and branding efforts, and to educate potential, new, and current chapter members on the value of joint membership.

Power Member Marketing Resources:

  • Customizable Power Membership Brochure (Use this to promote your chapter and ATD! Tailor the brochure to add information relevant to your chapter, upcoming event details, and membership details. Include your chapter logo where instructed, add your chapter’s contact information, and include photos of your chapter members!)
  • Customizable Power Membership Handout (Use this to promote your chapter and ATD by either printing out or posting to your chapter's website. Tailor the handout to add information relevant to your chapter. Include your chapter logo where instructed.)
  • Customizable Power Membership Email (Use this to promote your chapter and ATD and help complete one of the foundational joint membership activities, "Send quarterly email to prospective members promoting Power Membership." Tailor the email to add information relevant to your chapter.)
  • Power Member Ads: one-third page or one-half page
  • Power Member Chapter Presentation
  • Power Membership Webpage for Wild Apricot: (Use the HTML code to create the webpage and the job aid to help you facilitate the implementation process. Include your chapter ChIP code where instructed!)

To request your chapter's current joint membership percentage, please contact your chapter relations manager.

New Power Member Resource!

In response to chapter leader requests, chapter services has created a short video promoting the value of Power Membership for chapters to post on their site, link to in newsletters and email communications, and play at chapter events. You can embed the video using this code. You can learn more about embedding videos on Wild Apricot here. A special thanks to Danielle Buscher, CPLP, Chris Coladonato, CPLP, Wendy Gates Corbett, CPLP, and Demetria Miles for their participation!