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Marketing and Communication Outreach

Best practices for chapter marketing and communication efforts


SUMMARY: The Buffalo Niagara Chapter needed a way to quickly and easily create visuals for both digital and print marketing. With Canva, designs created by any individual can be shared with the team and leveraged for new designs or downloaded and used multiple times. The improved marketing has increased the chapter’s overall community engagement and attendance at events.

YEAR: 2018

AUSTIN CHAPTER: Don’t Forget Your Members

SUMMARY: The chapter aimed to help new members feel welcome and notify them about chapter activities while acknowledging renewing members and keeping them engaged by sending a personalized postcard printed through Zazzle. The process has been in place for three months, and the chapter has seen an uptick in new member registration for chapter meetings and special interest group (SIG) events.

YEAR: 2018

LONG ISLAND CHAPTER: Booth at SHRM’s Annual Conference

SUMMARY: To promote the chapter to professionals in the local area, the chapter held a booth at its local SHRM Annual Conference. The chapter aimed to build awareness and visibility particularly within the SHRM community. When the chapter registered for a booth, it received a reusable banner and raffle basket. The table had marketing materials provided by ATD as well as chapter promotional materials. The exhibition opportunity has led to an increase in chapter event attendance, which the chapter hopes will convert into new memberships.

YEAR: 2018

UTAH CHAPTER: Using Google AdWords to Promote Your Chapter

SUMMARY: The Utah Chapter signed up with Google for Nonprofits and enrolled in the Google Ad Grants program, which allows for $10,000 a month in AdWords advertising. Taking advantage of this opportunity proved to be a quick and easy way to promote awareness of ATD and its offerings to talent development professionals in Utah. The chapter has campaigns set up for membership, monthly events, and its annual conference. Over the last year, the chapter received $1,250 in free advertising and their ads have been viewed 32,743 times and clicked 810 times.

YEAR: 2017

AUSTIN CHAPTER: All in One Board Business Cards

SUMMARY: Inspired by a previous SOS, this chapter designed and printed a single business card for all board members. The chapter realized that printed cards for each board member were wasted each year. As a result, the card the chapter created provides all contact information for chapter leaders and its media contacts. Because the board felt a tangible, personal connection was important when greeting potential or current members, the card has space for each board member to fill in his or her own information. The template was created on and it can easily be updated for future use. Printing 400 cards cost $109, and the cards were distributed to all board members.

YEAR: 2017


SUMMARY: To increase the amount of interest in people volunteering on committees, the chapter created a poster template for each committee to use at networking and learning events. The chapter’s succession plan includes the need for a member to be on a committee prior to becoming a board member. The posters provide new and seasoned members with the knowledge on how to increase their professional skills in talent development by becoming a committee member. They also allow the vice president of the committee to network with all members and discuss the needs of their group.

YEAR: 2017


SUMMARY: The chapter created business cards for the board members to pass out at local professional events, conferences, and meetings. The cards contain the chapter’s ChIP code, address, domain, and logo on one side and a custom QR code that points to its online calendar of events on the back side. The initial design did not require much time to put together, and the cost was minimal. The board members distributed all of the original order of 500 cards at local events such as PMI, SHRM and Chamber of Commerce and had to reorder several times. This small gesture generated interest for the chapter in the community.

YEAR: 2016

CHICAGOLAND CHAPTER: Marketing Activity Tracker Tool

SUMMARY: In an effort to improve efficiency, the Chicagoland Chapter created an online tracker tool to manage marketing details and monitor the execution and completion of specific marketing efforts. Through Google Docs, the chapter created a spreadsheet that centralized event and promotional information and could be accessed by all chapter leaders.

YEAR: 2013

GOLDEN GATE CHAPTER: Community Outreach Programs

SUMMARY: The Community Outreach Program (COP) is one of the Golden Gate Chapter’s on-going Special Interest Groups (SIGs). The COP consists of Chapter volunteers who donate their professional services – needs analysis, instructional design, training delivery, and meeting facilitation – to non-profit organizations in the Bay Area. COP uses ISD principles to build its learning solutions so there is efficient flow and tracking for the various projects.

YEAR: 2012

CENTRAL FLORIDA CHAPTER: Sponsorship and Advertising Media Kit

SUMMARY: Several chapter leaders collaborated to create an online media kit that promotes the chapter, and outlines a menu of advertising and sponsorship opportunities for businesses and organizations.

YEAR: 2012

HAWAII CHAPTER: Quarterly Newsletter

SUMMARY: To increase readership of their newsletter the chapter redesigned and reformatted its newsletter to align with national ASTD branding guidelines. The chapter board has heard positive feedback about the redesign from its members.

YEAR: 2010


SUMMARY: This SOS discusses how the Central New York Chapter developed relationships with the local media for increased marketing and awareness of the organization and the industry.

YEAR: 2008

GENESEE VALLEY CHAPTER: Improved visibility and recognition for ASTD in the community

SUMMARY: The Genesee Valley Chapter developed a multi-part effort to increase the visibility and recognition for ASTD in their community by linking up with four other local business associations to put on a major HR Spring Conference, drawing nationally recognized talent for a Fall Conference on Organization Development, networking with six local universities on sponsorships, joint activities, and student memberships, and increase the number of special interest groups from one to three, all within one year.

YEAR: 2005

NORTHERN NEW JERSEY CHAPTER: External Communication & Internal Calendar

SUMMARY: The Northern New Jersey Chapter bundled the communication/marketing efforts to avoid confusion, add structure, eliminate excessive messaging, and coordinate the activities of the chapter.

YEAR: 2005

SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN CHAPTER: GoTo Guide – The place to go for training resources

SUMMARY: The Southeast Wisconsin Chapter created an on-line resource on their website to host a “one stop shop” for members of the chapter and the community to access when training resources are needed.

YEAR: 2004

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