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Membership Surveys

Best practices on effectively survey chapter membership

PIEDMONT CHAPTER: Reverse Call-A-Thon Member Survey

SUMMARY: The Piedmont Chapter desired to reach out to their membership on an individual basis to learn how they could better support their members. To spice up the act of cold-calling and to alleviate any hesitations, the chapter leadership held these information-gathering-calls together and gathered feedback to better their chapter experience.

YEAR: 2013


SUMMARY: The Greater Philadelphia Chapter was able to increase membership from fewer than 200 members to over 300 in less than a year by contacting the prospective members in their database.

YEAR: 2008

MIDLANDS CHAPTER: Membership Survey

SUMMARY: The Midlands Chapter uses an electronic annual survey to find out about member satisfaction and collect data for planning chapter meetings and events. The chapter received a 60 percent response rate in 2007. To incentivize members, they place participants’ names in a drawing for a prize.

YEAR: 2007

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