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New ATD Research: Future of Work, New Managers, and Sales Training

Sunday, May 19, 2019

ATD’s team of research professionals is dedicated to producing authoritative research reports focused on industry trends, benchmarks, and best practices. ATD’s analysts survey thousands of industry professionals and analyze the data, conduct interviews with talent development executives, and collaborate with well-known subject matter experts. Below are highlights from some of the latest research:

The Future of Work: Technology, Predictions, and Preparing the Workforce
In the next five years, use of technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things is expected to increase. Because much is still unknown as to how these technologies will impact the overall workforce, it is crucial that leaders start planning now.

The Future of Work: Technology, Predictions, and Preparing the Workforce examines how talent development leaders are preparing their organizations for broad changes expected to come in the next five years. The study identifies practices associated with future-readiness, such as developing working groups to discuss or plan for the future of work. The study also uncovers how organizations are currently using technologies. The report found that while 30 percent of organizations are using AI, just one in 10 have deployed training on how to use it.

The report features discussions with talent development executives, who share their experiences and offer advice for how leaders can better prepare their organization for the changes ahead. Allego sponsored the report.

Developing New Managers: Key Elements for Success
Managers are critical to driving success in any organization, but many managers struggle in their roles, which has a negative impact on employee retention, productivity, and overall performance. So, how can organizations prepare incoming managers to perform in their new roles?


Developing New Managers: Key Elements for Success is a new examination of first-time manager development. The study found that many organizations were achieving strong results in developing new leaders; further, most participating organizations (75 percent) offered structured development programs or individual training assets specifically for new managers. However, it also revealed issues and missed opportunities that could, if constructively addressed, enable talent development professionals to better prepare first-time managers for the challenges they face. For example, most new manager training programs don’t start until after participants begin their new role. Most programs also do not develop those who are excelling for higher management positions.

The report further takes a special look at development for new technical managers (who manage technical employees), virtual managers (who work in different locations from their direct reports), and sales managers (who manage teams of salespeople). This report is sponsored by The Ken Blanchard Companies.


2019 State of Sales Training
In ATD’s 2019 State of Sales Training, findings show that organizations spend an average of $2,326 on sales training per salesperson annually, with inside sales and channel sales organizations spending much less than the average, and hybrid organizations spending more. Salespeople are most likely to learn by observing or shadowing peers, followed by asking other sales peers and attending a live or virtual class.

The report focused not only on benchmarking organizations’ annual sales training expenditures but also on identifying best practices of high performing organizations where salespeople are more likely to meet quotas. The report further examined the barriers to effective sales training, distribution of annual sales training content hours, and delivery methods, as well as the distribution of annual budget and frequency of sales training. Richardson sponsored the report.

ATD Research has published dozens of other reports on topics including learning management systems, succession planning, change enablement, lifelong learning, upskilling and reskilling, and sales coaching. ATD Research titles are available in the ATD Store at discounted prices for conference attendees.

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