Knowledge Management: A Low-Cost, High-Impact Approach to an Age-Old Dilemma

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Challenge: Content generated in business silos. Information spread out in many locations. Out of date and inaccurate information. Bottlenecks stifling the authoring process. Redundant information everywhere. Business processes and systems changing rapidly but no process to keep content sources current.

The Goal: A knowledge management solution that cuts across department lines, to make it easy to keep content up to date, and focuses on getting employees the information they need when and how they need it using a limited budget, a tight timeframe, and simple technology.

The Solution: Deliverables related to knowledge management governance, content organization, user experience, search, authoring guidelines and writing standards, archiving and upkeep, and workflows using Lean project management principles and use cases, all while keeping stakeholders informed throughout the organization.


The Benefit: Employees have the information they need to do their jobs well, and performance support uses the knowledge management system to reduce the training time required to onboard new employees.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the importance of involving stakeholders of all levels of the organization in the knowledge management process. • Learn about mistakes to avoid and other tips to accelerate any knowledge management journey.

Application on the Job

  • As a result of this session you will have an understanding of communities of practice that are effective and require simple technology solutions.

About the Author
Jade Kazmierski is currently a learning innovation and resource deployment strategist at Northwestern Mutual. In this position, she leads a team of instructional designers and developers responsible for delivering modular and blended learning experiences across operations and technology. Jade also leads a knowledge portal effort, directly tied to strategies within operations and radically changing how information is created and consumed. Other initiatives Jade works on include maintaining a crowdsourced enterprise dictionary, helping to create an enterprise content management strategy, and rolling out a new enterprise learning management system. She has also been working for two years on a transformational journey, combining two learning teams, and moving from a traditional training team model to an innovative learning organizational model.  Prior to this role, Jade was an instructional design consultant, working on notable projects such as envisioning and implementing a SharePoint-based online community platform, serving as a community architect bringing together role-based work teams from within the corporate office and across the sales offices in the United States, and leading a full-scale summative evaluation of an underwriter department onboarding program. She has practiced instructional design, e-learning development and programming, and web architecture across several positions. Jade has a master’s of science degree in organizational performance and workplace learning from Boise State and a bachelor of arts degree in professional communications with minors in business management and computer science. Jade recently presented at the Learning Solutions conference and the Learning and Performance Ecosystems with the eLearning Guild. 
About the Author
Radhika Paul leads learning and performance for Northwestern Mutual. In this position she is responsible for leading the learning strategy, developing innovative solutions, and creating learning that leads to business impact and performance. Prior to this role, Radhika was the global learning leader at American Express, where she delivered significant value building best-in-class learning practices for the global workforce through learning technologies, robust measurement, and innovative learning solutions tied to business strategy. She also spent more than 13 years across General Electric and Genpact in various people-leader roles. Radhika has a master’s in business administration and is certified in leadership studies from Harvard University.