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Maximizing Learning and Development With the Right Technology

Published Wed Dec 12 2018


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True learning isn’t based on memorizing facts and information—it’s a journey filled with trial and error. The foundation of this journey is built with design tools that deliver accessible, quality training every step of the way. Learning and development professionals can feel empowered when they have the right tools available to them and be able to build exactly what their training needs, so their learners can succeed.

Setting the Groundwork

There is a growing demand for online training and an even greater need for quality custom corporate training. To deliver what your learners need, you must know what your capabilities are and how far those capabilities will take you. Finding the right balance between technological capabilities and content delivery creates unique ways to deliver training to your learners.

When starting a plan to create training, ask yourself two things: What do I want the trainees to learn; and how am I going to make the training stand out? Learner fatigue is a real challenge for L&D professionals, and one of the best ways to encourage learner participation is to provide a fresh take that encourages active participation. Utilizing the right technology helps the designer find the right balance between the content and the learner.

Maximizing Your Technology

There are many considerations to determining the right the technology. L&D professionals must take into account how up to date the design features are, how actively supported the system is, and just what kind of cost it takes to manage their design tools. Technological limitations can negatively affect employee performance and may set back training to familiar/forgettable methods. By engaging with your design tools, you can find the best method to deliver quality training and make necessary changes/improvements to your training.

Once the training has been determined and the right resources have been chosen, an L&D professional benefits by pushing their technology in unique and challenging ways. Understanding the full breadth of their technological capabilities encourages the designers to be more creative, which creates more memorable training. This is also an opportunity to recognize limitations, and to find better methods of content delivery.

Evaluating Your Deliverables

At the end of any development cycle, an L&D professional can revise and change their content to improve the design flow and quality of their training. With access to the right development tools, this process can be expedited to make necessary improvements when the need arises.

Content evaluation is an important aspect of design and being able to implement the right changes as quickly as possible ensures that the training is delivered when it is needed. With the right courseware tools and LMS, these changes can be applied instantaneously, adding an additional layer of confidence for the L&D team.


When L&D professionals are confident in their capabilities, they can build quality courses. By knowing your capabilities, where to exceed your limitations and surpass your expectations. Having the flexibility to adapt a design to reflect immediate changes not only makes for a better user experience, but also makes for a stronger L&D team.

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