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Solving Challenges of Onboarding Remote Employees With On-Demand Video

Published Tue Jun 23 2020


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Onboarding presents a serious challenge for companies today: how to provide time-sensitive training, for specific roles and delivered to remote employees.

It’s a daunting task to get new remote employees up to speed on a company's culture, processes, and knowledge base. But a centralized, focused, properly resourced process of incorporating new talent into a firm may help prevent early turnover for as many as one in four new hires.

Sound onboarding helps retain remote employees and saves money. Filling a position left vacant due to poor onboarding techniques costs companies, on average, nearly $11,000.

With remote workers, how do you make onboarding useful, engaging, and memorable, especially when new hires may have little or no understanding of your company or even your industry?

In forward-looking companies, on-demand video has already become an essential part of that investment, helping to scale and expand onboarding activities. Now more than ever, all companies should consider on-demand video for onboarding.

Three Ways On-Demand Video Enhances the Remote Onboarding Process

1. On-demand video helps remote employees retain knowledge. Video conferencing is a great real-time way to communicate, but how can you best make the information memorable? Studies show that just 30 minutes after employees finish a training session, they remember only 58 percent of the material; in seven days they’ll have forgotten 65 percent of what was shared; and in six months, they’ll have forgotten 90 percent of your training materials. With asynchronous (any time, on-demand) video, these training sessions can improve their abilities to remember concepts and details, with effects that increase over time.

Along with making your content more memorable, with a video management system, your people can search across an entire library of recorded onboarding videos. This helps them find the training they need at any time.

2. On-demand video helps companies ensure training material consistency. With video recordings, companies can maintain a consistent, high-quality messaging standard during this sensitive time in the life of new remote employees.

Consistency is often a significant challenge to proper onboarding. Having multiple trainers, or even multiple, wholly separate teams or departments, in charge of onboarding increases the risk that your onboarding experience will be different for every new hire.

Leveraging on-demand video training during onboarding solves that problem: Each employee will have a similar experience and will receive a consistent message regardless of who conducts the training.

3. Remote employees need to feel engaged and connected from day one. Onboarding isn’t just training, it’s a delicate process of introducing new remote employees to the culture and values of a company. Well-executed online onboarding techniques with on-demand video can lead to positive outcomes such as higher job satisfaction, better job performance, and greater organizational commitment.

And on-demand video instantly extends the reach of your onboarding programs worldwide. A comprehensive library of onboarding training video can greet every new hire from the moment they start their first day, ready to help them find their way around, get up to speed, and start speaking your organization’s language. And best of all, on-demand video can do all that anywhere and anytime, even if your training team is half a world away.

As organizations seek to align remote talent and position themselves competitively for the next three to five years, it’s more important now than ever to onboard remote employee onboarding correctly.

With the right tools, you can use on-demand video to help take your organization’s online onboarding programs to the next level. Learn more about Panopto’s video solutions for employee onboarding [here.](https://www.panopto.com/panopto-for-business/employee-training/ (https://www.panopto.com/panopto-for-business/employee-training/)

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