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4 Suggestions for Virtual Interviewers

Recognize the nuances when you conduct a video versus a face-to-face interview.


Mon Aug 01 2022

4 Suggestions for Virtual Interviewers

It's important to recognize the nuances when you conduct a video versus a face-to-face interview. Whether you're hiring a new L&D team member or selecting a consultant-coach, invest the time to become an on-screen pro.

1. Break the ice.


At the start of the interview, it may feel necessary to acknowledge the potential awkwardness of a video interview to help the candidate feel at ease. Lay out the plan for the conversation, and start with an icebreaker question.

2. Address the obvious.

If you anticipate an interruption, let the candidate know upfront so they aren't caught off guard and the interview can continue despite a barking dog or a ringing doorbell in the background.

3. Lean in (to the screen).

Eye contact is essential to make the candidate feel acknowledged and heard, so minimize your email inbox and turn off notifications so you can give the conversation your undivided attention.


4. Scan their environment.

Something as simple as acknowledging a poster on the wall or piano in the background can help calm the candidate's nerves and spark some get-to-know-you questions.

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