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Virtual Work Its not just for members of the Jedi Council

Published Mon Aug 01 2005


This article presents information on the role of technology in changing the work place environment. Technology is increasingly allowing one to work from anywhere. The plusses and minuses are still being tallied, but the fact is that it's happening. videoconferencing, online collaboration software, cell phones, email, Wi-fi, and other technological tools are contributing to a burgeoning number of virtual companies and teams. Employees simply work out of their homes. Some larger companies have made parts of their workforce virtual. JetBlue broke new ground in 2000 when its call center made up primarily of stay at home mothers. A recent survey by Right Management Consultants found that virtual teams that exist over the long-term run a strong risk of declining performance due to team burnout. To operate successfully for longer periods of time, both virtual companies and virtual teams will require new strategies and skills. Many are still being discovered, Groups that invested in some type of teambuilding activity performed better than those that didn't in Right Management's research. The 35 percent of virtual team respondents that reported having an effective teambuilding session scored significantly higher on leadership, decision making, innovation, and team performance.

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Virtual Work Its not just for members of the Jedi Council


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