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Disengaged to Engaged Employees - The Impact on Your Culture


Mon Mar 10 2014


Organizations today are faced with many challenges, some of which include: economic downturn, aging workforce, talent shortage, lack of succession planning/development, and a workforce that is disengaged. When you look around your work environment, do you as a leader/manager recognize the signs of a disengaged employee? Do you understand the impact that this can have on your organization as a whole? Some organizations that are not aware of this impact have chosen to bury their heads in the sand. They are victims of the ostrich syndrome—if they cannot see or hear it, then it must not be taking place. The truth is that the constant negativity occurring at the water cooler is slowly poisoning your work environment. You need to think of solutions before the poison overtakes your entire organization; you must maximize the positive energy of good employees and minimize the negative energy of disengaged ones. Good employees have said very clearly that if a negative culture does not change, then they will seek a position elsewhere. Remember that it is always the good employees that leave—because they can! Join Doug Lawrence as he explores the signs of a disengaged as well as an engaged employee and how both types can impact a mentoring culture. He will share real life experiences of how the disengaged employee can harm your culture and disrupt productivity levels. He will also discuss the implementation of a mentoring culture. Doug will leverage past learning experiences to help you create an organization that has an engaged, empowered, and accountable workforce—enabled through a mentoring culture. This presentation will benefit leaders and managers in any organization and HR practitioners who are struggling with a culture that is driven by negativity and disengaged workers. If you have any doubt this is you, then consider joining us for this presentation. You will learn: \* the signs/symptoms of a disengaged employee \* the signs/symptoms of an engaged employee \* how disengaged and engaged employees are impacting your current culture \* how to implement a positive mentoring culture.

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