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Kittens, Sparkles, and Shipping: Run Your L&D Team Like a Tech Startup

Published Thu Jan 25 2018


Learning and development teams can learn a few secrets from highly effective software development teams. When software teams work in a distributed fashion, they emphasize documentation and empower designers and trainers to reach maximum productivity. How you can apply these lessons to traditional synchronous teams? Many software shops use chat ops as a central, virtual workspace, allowing the team to discuss and even collaborate on artifact development. Can your team model its virtual workspace in the same fashion? Do you know why software developers focus on code (text) and not on binaries? We'll discuss how you can create rich, interactive artifacts with code. Software developers use industry-leading version control tools for storing and collaborating on code, while L&D teams are typically forced to use outdated shared drives or email. Discover how you can use tools to enable collaboration and focus on the work, not the software. Finally, you'll discover how proven work flows lead to high throughput for an effective L&D team. This session was recorded at the ATD 2018 TechKnowledge conference in San Jose, California.

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