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TalentNext 2018 Keynote: Cultivating Empathy in an Evolving Workforce (Sharon Steed)


Wed Dec 12 2018


The way we work is changing. Remote cultures are quickly becoming the norm, and talented workers are in such high demand that they rarely stay put in a role for longer than a couple of years. Employers now have to consider what it will take to not only find the best and brightest but also keep them in the building for a long enough time to push major organization improvements and change. So how do we do this? How do we breed the loyalty needed to smoothly evolve along with this new standard of work? And how do we cultivate empathy in a workforce that might look and feel different every single day? This session will explore empathy in an unusual way: from the perspective of a stutterer. We'll examine what empathy truly is and is not. And we'll also reveal the specific actions individuals must engage in daily to embolden the empathy needed for a highly engaged workforce.

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