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Transitioning to Mobile: Liven Up Your Old E-Learning

Published Wed Jan 13 2016


From the TechKnowledge 2016 Conference: LAZ Parking is the third-largest parking company in the United States. A core component of its business focuses on valet parking at airports, events, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants. In 2009, a valet e-learning program was launched, educating staff about their role in protecting customers' vehicles, injury avoidance, and property damage. Learners spent 60 to 90 minutes at a computer completing the courses and self-paced exams. Over the years, several challenges began to present themselves with this format. 1) The content did not tie back to LAZ's culture. 2) Valets do not have regular access to a computer on the job. 3) The content and instructional techniques used were dated and not in line with LAZ's instructional philosophy of focused, actionable, and highly interactive courses. This session will explore the methods taken by LAZ to reuse and adapt the existing content, making it accessible across mobile devices. You will walk through the decision-making process and some of the core instructional design decisions LAZ took to develop a mobile-friendly series.

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