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This workshop guides the design and delivery of workplace training. Understand methods for motivating the adult learner and for accommodating different learning styles.  Rules for selecting... Learn More
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  • Apr 05-12, 2018
  • Jun 05-12, 2018
471 Ratings
Make the shift from activity- to results-based learning programs in this foundational certificate program. Learn the basics of evaluation design, Kirkpatrick's Levels 1-4, and get a brief... Learn More
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  • Apr 19-20, 2018
  • May 03-05, 2018
0 Ratings
Learn why and how to measure the impact of your learning programs. Learn More
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  • Anytime
185 Ratings
Build the skills needed to develop and deliver effective return on investment (ROI) evaluations for learning and performance, organizational development, human resources, technology, change... Learn More
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  • May 04-05, 2018
  • Jul 10-Aug 14, 2018
91 Ratings
Understand the way the brain receives, encodes, and stores information for future retrieval, and change the way you think about human behavior and performance. Learn More
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  • May 24-Jun 07, 2018
  • Jul 26-Aug 09, 2018
Essentials Series
69 Ratings
Discover the techniques for designing and using the right tools for your specific survey needs.  Learn about what considerations to keep in mind when developing survey questions. Acquire... Learn More
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  • Apr 04-18, 2018
  • Jul 11-25, 2018
153 Ratings
How much resource is your training organization wasting on training myths? Based on her forthcoming ASTD Press book, Evidence-Based Training, Dr. Ruth will lead you on a tour of brain-based... Learn More
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  • May 14-18, 2018
  • Aug 06-10, 2018
146 Ratings
Design and deliver tests that will meet organizational needs and follow professional standards. Learn More
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  • Jun 07-08, 2018
  • Sep 18-Oct 23, 2018
33 Ratings
Using a variety of examples tied to real-world applications, this program will teach you the fundamentals of statistics and how to use them to analyze data and interpret outcomes. Learn More
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  • Jun 14-28, 2018
  • Oct 15-29, 2018
0 Ratings
Set yourself apart with your ability to read, interpret, evaluate, and even design your own data. This course shows you that the majority of analytical methods are actually quite simple and... Learn More
Upcoming Programs
  • Jun 06-20, 2018
1-10 of 10 Results