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Essentials of Evidence-Based Games

Apply proven methods for serious games.

Don’t just use games to fill time – discover and apply the research regarding what makes games effective learning methods that drive business results.

Live Online
Live Online
Credits: CEU 0.45 MORE
Level: Foundational
Role(s): HR/OD Professional More
Language(s): English


Course Info

This online course examines the core features of a game, reviews several genres of commercial games, and identifies factors relevant to planning serious games. With that foundational knowledge, you will then assess your training requirements and complete a game planner and prototype that addresses those factors.

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This online course examines the core features of a game, reviews several genres of commercial games, and identifies factors relevant to planning serious games. With that foundational knowledge, you will then assess your training requirements and complete a game planner and prototype that addresses those factors.

After your prototype is complete, you will apply current outcomes-based research to your game to revise, clarify, and modify it. This course includes discussions on role-play games (commonly known as scenario-based learning) to determine the appropriate uses, methods, and audiences. Read Less

What You Will Learn
  • Identify features and genres of digital games for learning
  • Revise a game that imposes extraneous cognitive load
  • Plan & sketch the main features of a game matched to participant’s learning objective and content type
  • Identify criteria for valid evidence on digital games
  • Distinguish among three research questions on digital games
  • Apply research on the cognitive effects of video games
  • Identify methods proven to improve learning from games
  • Evaluate research that compares learning from a game with a traditional method
  • Identify features and main genres of scenario-based e-learning
  • Identify value-added features to maximize benefits of role-playing games
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Essential Topics. Essential Learning. Essentials Series.

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The Essentials Series

ATD’s Essentials Series Annual Pass offers a flexible and affordable way to increase your performance via interactive, online learning taught by the industry’s leading subject matter experts.

Topic 1 - What Are Digital Games for Learning?
  • Fact or Fiction with Games
  • What is a Game? – Identifying What We Know
  • What is a Game? – Foundational Features
  • Why Games Don’t Teach
  • Games & Cognitive Load
  • Aligning a Game to the Learning Objectives and Content
  • Planning a Game – Getting Started and Gathering All the Needed Information
Topic 2 - Evidence on Games
  • Identifying and Utilizing Valid Evidence
  • Cognitive Consequences Research
  • Value-Added Research: Methods that improve learning
  • Are Games More Effective Than Conventional Methods for Learning?
Topic 3 - Role Playing Games
  • Identify Synonyms for Role Play Games
  • What are Role-Play Games?
  • Identify the features of Role-Play Games
  • Factors that indicate the use of a Role-play Game
  • Plan a Role Play Game
Who Should Attend

This program is for instructional designers, trainers, organizational development professionals and performance consultants who want to upgrade their courses and deliver learning experiences utilizing games – that result in employees ready to accomplish business outcomes. No matter what role you’re in, if you’re ready to master how serious games can take your training events to the next level, then this program is for you!

ATD Education programs are designed primarily for learning professionals – trainers, instructional designers, and organizational development practitioners – but also greatly benefit anyone within an organization who is responsible for developing others, from managers to human resources specialists.

Level: Foundational
Roles: HR/OD Professional, Instructional Designer, Trainer
Language: English
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"ATD is an organization dedicated to talent development - with their research and expertise, I trust that their programs can give me what I am looking for to implement within my organization."

Dates & Locations
  • Nov 04-08, 2019
    Live Online
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All sessions will be recorded and available in the Learning Portal for participants to review throughout the program for your review.


4.5 Learning Hours

0.45 CEUs awarded

Up to 4.5 APTD Recertification Points through the ATD Certification Institute.

Up to 4.5 CPLP Recertification Points through the ATD Certification Institute.


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