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Essentials Series Annual Pass

Looking for a way to learn new techniques for an entire year?

ATD Education offers a flexible and affordable way to gain hands-on learning online from subject matter experts. Develop your own yearlong, online professional development curriculum with the Essentials Series Annual Pass. This is not a one-size fits all program—you customize and personalize your learning journey.

Choose from more than 40 interactive Essentials Series Online Workshops taught by a leader in the field, and designed to help you focus on a specific topic, such as brain-based learning, or new employee onboarding. Learn the skills you need to know!

Why Choose the Essentials Pass?

  1. Increase your proficiency. Dive deeper into specific areas of interest.
  2. Learn from subject matter experts. Learn about foundational topics from experts in the field.
  3. Stay relevant. Keep your skill set current by enhancing your learning experience.
  4. Build your credibility. Become the "go-to" source of knowledge in your workplace.
  5. Reduce stress. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too much to digest—you have 12 months.

What Participants are Saying

"The online workshop was so user friendly that I felt that I took a quantum leap into technical savvy and a greater appreciation of learning via a web conference. The facilitator was right in tune with the participants, keeping us attentive and involved. It was a proactive event for me, and something I would like to repeat in the near future." ¬- Bernard Rochon, President, Center for Performance and Accountability Inc.

Pass Pricing
Members: $1,595
Nonmembers: $1,950