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The Essential 3-Pack

Develop a learning curriculum with 3 ATD Essentials online workshops

What Is the Essential 3-Pack?

The Essential 3-Pack is a workshop bundle that is the flexible and affordable way to build your skills on specific, niche topics.

  • Three live, online workshops led by subject matter experts
  • 45 topics to choose from
  • 12 months to take it all in

Why the Essential 3-Pack?

  • Increase your proficiency. Dive deeper into specific areas of interest.
  • Learn from subject matter experts. Dig deep into topics with experts from that field.
  • Stay relevant. Keep your skill set current by enhancing your knowledge on the latest technology and trends.
  • Build your credibility. Become the go-to source of knowledge in your workplace.
  • Save big. By subscribing to the bundle, you not only save more than $400, but eliminate the need for travel budgets, as all of the training are live online.

How the Essential 3-Pack Works:

  1. The pack is active immediately after purchase.
  2. You may register for your three chosen workshops now, or later. Just be sure to remember to register within your 12-month window.
  3. This pack is available for use only by the purchaser; it is not transferable and cannot be shared.
Pack Pricing
Members: $1,195
Nonmembers: $1,395
Looking to boost your knowledge in a specific area of talent development? Browse these learning paths.
Course Development
A good course design is the foundation of any great learning experience. Give learners the ability to do more in the same amount of time by identifying what they need to know and incorporating that into your course development.
Delivering Training
As a trainer, need to be sure you're facilitating with impact. Whether you are a new trainer, an accidental trainer, or a subject matter expert, these workshops are for you. These Essentials courses are designed to provide you with new ideas and tools to determine the next steps for increasing learning engagement.
Human Resources + Organizational Development
As a human resources or organizational development professional, you often face challenges in needing to be innovative to create a culture of collaboration. Don’t be stagnant in your career development - let ATD provide you with the tools and fresh ideas you need to determine the next steps in making an impact in your organization.
E-Learning Development
As an e-learning professional, you need immediately applicable tools to take advantage of the abundance of technology at your disposal. Learn how to use technology in e-learning correctly to achieve more learner engagement and higher levels of retention.

Terms and Conditions

The pack is valid for new registrations not made under a pre-existing contract. The Essential 3-Pack is valid for 12 calendar months after date of purchase. Partial and full refunds will not be issued based on the pack usage. The pack is available for use only by the purchaser; it is not transferable and cannot be shared. You must be registered for all Essentials Series online workshops before the pack expires.

ATD member price for The Essential 3-Pack is $1,040. List price is $1,785.

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