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September 10-11
Chicago, IL

Open Your Mind to More Flexible Learning Designs

Today’s learners are choosing to get their instructional content from alternate sources—YouTube, Google, blogs, and Twitter—which is threatening the use of learning management systems as the go-to platforms for content delivery. For instructional designers, this means viewing learning objects as instructional products and learners as consumers.

ATD’s LearnNow: Design Thinking workshop will show you how to shift to a human-centered instructional design approach by leveraging the tools and techniques found in the discipline of product design. The result? Your training will be the source your audience chooses to rely on, return to, and recommend.

Learning Objectives:

  • Uncover why instructional design needs to change.
  • Explore the value of empathetic design in modern instructional design.
  • Participate in hands-on design thinking activities and processes that are specifically tailored for use in instructional product design.
  • Receive tools and templates you can take with you to immediately put design thinking to practice in your organization.
  • Registration and Light Breakfast
  • Welcome to LearnNow
    We’ll kick off the event by discussing some of the objectives and setting expectations for the next day and a half.
  • Morning Session (with Breaks)
    • Activity: The Characteristics of a Great Instructional Designer
    • Exploring the Current State of the Industry
    • What is Design Thinking?
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Session (With Breaks)
    • Activity: Integrating Design Thinking into Your Instructional Design and Development Process
    • Activity: Re-Framing the Problem
    • Design Tools
    • Activity + Tool: Question Ladder
    • Activity + Tool: Empathy Map
    • Activity: Brainstorming Best Practices
  • Wrap-Up Day 1
    Questions | Debrief | Prepare for tomorrow
    We will finish day 1 with a recap of where you are in the process of building your plan. We will discuss the plan for day 2, where you will put knowledge into practice and build your first statements.
  • Light Breakfast and Networking
  • Recap Day 1 and Kick Off Day 2
    We will review our day 1 activities and introduce today’s agenda.
  • Morning and Afternoon Session (with Breaks)
    • 4-hour Design Challenge
    • Activity + Tool: Affinity Diagram
    • Activity + Tool: Mind Map
    • Activity + Tool: What If
    • Activity + Tool: Prototype
  • Day 2 Wrap-Up
    Share lessons learned from the workshop and next steps.


AMA Executive Conference Center

1170 Peachtree Street NE

Atlanta, GA 30309

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