December 12-13, 2018

Alexandria, VA

At this time, there are no scheduled dates for this program.
Please check back for updates or bring it on-site to your organization.

Become an Employer of Choice Through Inclusive Workplace Culture

Despite significant investments of time and resources, diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategies have simply not moved the needle for many organizations. Yet D&I strategies can strengthen employee engagement by creating an inclusive workplace where all employees contribute fully.

In ATD's LearnNow: Leverage Inclusion to Drive Engagement workshop, you will focus on enhancing employee engagement through sustainable D&I practices. By leveraging organizational design principles and building stakeholder ownership, D&I can be a powerful lever to enable organizations to engage your workforce.

Become an employer of choice through inclusive workplace cultures. Gain a fresh perspective and develop an integrated solution that addresses beliefs, behaviors, and a systems approach to change.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the current state of D&I practices in your organization, and benchmark your organization’s D&I progress against others.
  • Understand and communicate a compelling business case for D&I.
  • Create a strategic plan for D&I that aligns with your organization’s business imperatives, establishes governance, and builds stakeholder buy-in (internal and external).
  • Build and sustain an inclusive culture through self-reflection, learning, application, reinforcement, and principles of change management.
  • Create an action plan for developing a practical D&I program that works in your own organization.
  • Registration and Light Breakfast
  • Welcome to LearnNow / Review of Learning Outcomes
    We’ll kick off the event by discussing some of the objectives and setting expectations for the next day and a half.

    Review of Learning Outcomes
    Share baseline data about current D&I practices on a maturity model

    Participants identify their own organization’s level of D&I maturity

  • Morning Session: The Big Picture (with breaks)
    The State of D&I Today: Drivers & Barriers

    Making the Business Case for D&I (activities):
    • Aligning D&I Initiatives with Organizational Strategy
    • Assessing the Ecosystem: Leaders, Employees, Shareholders and Customers
    • Connecting the Dots: D&I and Employee Engagement

    Obtaining Sponsorship for Key Initiatives
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Session (with breaks)
    • Understanding Our Own Biases (self-assessment and interactive exercises)
    • Helping Others Address Unconscious Bias: Shifting Mindset and Behaviors
  • Wrap-Up : Day 2 Expectations
    Evening Reading Assignment / Personal Reflection
  • Arrive / Light Breakfast / Review of Day 1 Learning and Expected Takeaways
  • Morning Session: Making D&I Work in Your Organization (with breaks)
    Morning Session: Making D&I Work in Your Organization (with breaks)
    • Working with HR Business Partners / Other Key Stakeholders
    • Creating Organizational Champions

    Embedding D&I into Organizational Processes: Where is the Leverage?
    • To Be or Not to Be: ERGs and Key Success Factors
    • Small Group Consultant Experience: Paired Discussions to “Move the Needle”
    • Measuring What Counts: Demonstrating Impact with Metrics
    • Consolidate Learnings

    Action Planning: Making D&I Successful

    Paired Discussion to Refine Action Plans
  • Next Steps and Day 2 Wrap-Up
    Walk away with an Action Plan for aligning with organizational priorities, engaging with key stakeholders, addressing barriers to success and a preliminary plan for sustainable action.


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1640 King Street

Alexandria, VA 22314

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