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Ask for What You Want; Get What You Need

Advocating for yourself is hard! You can, however, become more successful by learning how to recognize when to negotiate, prepare properly, and engage effectively with others. In ATD’s LearnNow: Negotiations—Getting What You Need workshop, you will learn how to recognize opportunities for negotiating. Using hands-on exercises, you will practice a practical, easy-to-implement approach for preparing for negotiations (to ask for what you want) as well as proven techniques for engaging with your counterpart (to get what you need).

Negotiation is a key soft skill for individuals at all levels of an organization and all stages of their careers. This workshop will help you become more effective when negotiating with suppliers, internal or external clients, and other stakeholders. You will leave with the tools and confidence you need to strategically prepare for negotiations and achieve greater success for yourself, your department, and your organization.

As part of this LearnNow workshop, you will also receive materials to reinforce the concepts and techniques:

  • negotiation readiness checklists
  • a key-concepts card
  • a 19-page negotiation workbook
  • an individual action plan you will develop to improve your negotiating effectiveness.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of negotiations as a problem-solving process.
  • Discover proven tools to approach negotiations strategically and effectively.
  • Learn from exercises and scenarios based on real-life business simulations.
  • Registration & Breakfast
  • Opening Exercises
  • First Negotiation Scenario
  • Negotiation Process & Readiness
  • Break
  • Negotiation Readiness - Research (Information)
  • Negotiation Readiness - Research (Applications)
  • Negotiation Readiness - Rehearse
  • Second Negotiation Scenario
  • Lunch
  • Introducing Counterparties into the Negotiation Process
  • Engaging Effectively with Counterparties
  • Closure – The essential step between agreement and implementation
  • Break
  • Third Negotiation Scenario
  • Negotiator Readiness -- Review
  • Reflection and Integration
  • Registration & Breakfast
  • Opening Exercises
  • Review Key Points from Day One
  • Fourth Negotiation Scenario — Prepare
  • Break
  • Fourth Negotiation Scenario — Negotiate
  • Fourth Negotiation Scenario — Debrief
  • Reflection and Integration
  • Conclusion