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July 11, 2019

Online Program

11 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. E.T.

Leverage Your Personal Brand to Propel Your Career

Managing your career requires more than subject matter expertise and hard work. Don’t wait to be promoted or chosen for key initiatives; choose yourself! By enhancing your personal brand, you’ll attract career opportunities (like promotions), top candidates, and business projects that are right for your professional goals. This program provides you a way to strategically assess and position your personal brand online and off, identify gaps, communicate ROI, and grow your career. Throughout this highly interactive program, Wendy Terwelp, award-winning career expert and personal brand strategist dubbed a “LinkedIn Guru” by the Washington Post, walks you through this foundational process step by step.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover and improve your personal brand, learn how others perceive it, and know why it matters.
  • Get a clear strategy to communicate your unique value, story, and ROI plan in the bottom-line terms decision-makers love.
  • Learn how to network strategically and uncover ways to attract and build business relationships with your target audience (those who need to know about you) online and off.
  • Define key factors for an optimal online presence, including choosing and using the right social networks (like LinkedIn) as well as other online platforms relevant for your professional goals.
  • Create a preliminary personal brand plan for your career growth.
  • Get downloadable worksheets, action plans, and resources to use in the program and on the job.