November 1-2, 2018

Austin, TX

At this time, there are no scheduled dates for this program.
Please check back for updates or bring it on-site to your organization.

Make an Emotional Connection and Enhance Knowledge Retention

Struggling to hold learners’ attention? Captivating an audience and delivering content in a compelling way may be a natural talent for some, but everyone can develop the skill.

Stories visually and emotionally stimulate and appeal to people of all learning styles and enhance knowledge retention.

In the LearnNow: Storytelling workshop, Doug Stevenson will teach you his Story Theater Method of combining storytelling form and structure, acting skills, and message branding to create the perfect formula for training delivery success.

You’ll learn nine elements of story structure and how to turn everyday moments into powerful stories. The result is training that is more entertaining, effective, and experiential.

Learning Objectives:

  • Easily identify story opportunities from everyday events.
  • Quickly determine the point of each story and where and when to use it (or not).
  • Feel confident that they can engage and persuade with storytelling.
  • Use subtle acting and comedy skills to make an emotional connection.
  • Make learning fun with strategic storytelling.

Don’t continue ineffective content delivery. Wake up your learners with storytelling!

Listen to this podcast with Doug Stevenson for sample of what you'll learn at this workshop!


Day One
8 a.m.-12:15 p.m. Foundations of Storytelling in Business
How to Find Great Stories
Beyond Data Dumps and Death by PowerPoint
Imagery, Emotion, and a Strategy for Engagement
  Storytelling Session #1
Storytelling Session Debrief
  Introduce the Nine Steps of Story Structure
Story Crafting Exercise
12-1 p.m. Lunch
1-4:30 p.m. Story Theater—Let Your Inner Actor Out
  Keep It Simple—One Story, One Point
Make Your Point Stick With the Phrase That Pays
  Story Mapping Session
Group Sharing
  Storytelling Session #2
  Debrief and Story Coaching
  Day 1 Wrap Up and Homework for Day 2
Questions, Debrief, Prepare for tomorrow

Day Two
8-12 p.m. Get More Laughs—Adding Humor to Your Stories
Story Coaching
  Go Deep—How to Use Emotion
Story Coaching
  Storytelling Session #3
Storytelling Session Debrief
  Going Forward—Integrating Storytelling Into Your Curriculum
  Activity + Tool: What If
  Activity + Tool: Prototype
  Day 2 Wrap Up
Share lessons learned from the workshop and next steps.


AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center

1900 University Ave

Austin, TX 78705

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